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The list of startup directories has been curated by hand and sorted by traffic. Submit your pitch to them to get discovered by potential customers.

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Communities are amazing to get your first feedback. Post your project to all the communities of makers, indie-hackers, or startups founders. Start building a community and promote your idea.

170+ guest posts opportunities

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to boost your traffic, get your first backlinks, and start building your SEO.

1400+ emails of tech journalists

Get a clean list of 1400+ journalists emails, all working in the tech industry.
The list is sorted by company: Entrepreneur Magazine, The Next Web, The Verge, Forbes, PC Mag, Gizmodo, …

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The database

Spreadtheworld is a database of 400+ websites where you can promote your startup to get feedback and acquire early users.

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Ivan Mir

"Bought it a week ago and can totally recommend it. Sure, you can collect those links from existing lists here and there, but it would take hours to produce a similar database. So unless your hour costs less than $5, buying this list actually saves money."
Ivan Mir

Pascal Laliberté

"If you're about to announce a product or just starting to find online communities in which to listen, then SpreadTheWorld is a no-brainer."
Pascal Laliberté

Simon Chiu

"Spread The World is a great resource. I refer to it almost daily to find ideas on where to share my project and get feedback."
Simon Chiu

Felix wong

"Spread The World! Grow your product with all the resources and channels you need"
Felix Wong

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